Month: July 2017

Ep 8 – The Case Of The Ex

Sex with the ex? Nope, stop, don’t do that to yourself! NFD co-hosts talk about making the mistake- multiple times- of having sex with the ex and give their advice on what to do to stay away and focus on yourself after the break-up.

Ep 7 – Nightmare On NFD St.

Missed cues, aspiring home wreckers, and dinner divers. These nightmare date stories will have you wishing you were on a date with a ghoul or a goblin.

Ep 6 – Crazy, Stupid, Apps

In the first fan mail inspired episode, NFD reviews dating apps and recommends which ones are better for finding love vs. hooking up.

Ep 5 – Just A Friend…

The trio shares their experiences with f¥€k buddies and their advice on how to manage these relationships. Is it possible to stay friends once the sex stops? Come find out.