Ep 28 – Me Too: A Series

In this episode we will give a recap of the movement behind me too and how people who have suffered in silence for years are finally comfortable to speak out against the injustices committed against them. We were inspired by Time Person of the Year 2017: The Silence Breakers. You can read the full article here:


Lina D and Westley open the episode and talk about why they wanted to create a series around Me Too. Maddie and Niko talk about why they are excited to be guests on this episode and why they think this topic is important.


These are the other topics covered in this episode:

  • Co-hosts share their experiences with assault or harassment and highlight what they did to deal with it
  • Touch on points of view heard from others that we disagree with
  • What can we do to create safer spaces
  • Our views on how we can continue to push change


This is our last episode of 2017. We wish you happy holidays and a very happy new year. Can’t wait to come back in 2018!

Ep 27 – Tis’ The Season To Be Cuffin’


Oh baby it’s December and it’s finally getting cold outside. Friends have started to come up with reasons to stay in, and you would rather not netflix and chill all by your lonesome. Instead, you have revamped your Tinder profile and are looking to get booed up until April. Join the NFD crew as they discuss the cuffin’ season phenomenon and dig a layer deeper to investigate some of the reasons why you could have a fear commit to a relationship.


Show Notes:

If you don’t know what cuffing season is then listen to this episode! Cuffing season is when people start looking for someone they can spend long, frigid months with but aren’t exactly looking for a relationship. Our favorite definition is from Urban Dictionary:

“During the Fall and Winter months people who would rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.

You can find more information in this link:

Brock talks about some of the differences that may exist geographically and also provides clues of how you can tell that cuffing season is coming. Technically, the sole purpose of the season is to be with someone during the cold weather, so of course different parts of the country will be affected differently.

To access the visuals we discuss in the episode follow this link:

Westley, Brock, and Lina D share their experiences with cuffing season. Westley’s has witnessed the timing work out while dating on Tinder- lots of interest starting in October and a lack of interest by April. Lina D talks about her winter time break ups. And Brock reveals how he never really knew the correct definition of cuffing season. While he tends to seriously date when it’s cold, he has never gone into an arrangement where there is an expiration date

In the NYC area, this year has been a harder cuffing season. Summer like days have randomly popped up and it has been a lot warmer than we expect in November and December. The warmer days make it harder for people to fall into the cuffing season mood.  Could it be that this irregular weather could have people wondering if they can potentially be ready for a serious relationship instead of going through with the cuffing season phenomena?

For those that are on the fence, we wanted to give you some advice to help you decide whether or not you are ready to commit. The first thing you want to do is Identify if YOU have commitment issues. Often times we are ready to judge others without understanding how we feel.

Here are the possible signs that you are afraid of commitment:

  1. Making excuses: you are unreliable and often late. You end up agreeing to arrangements but start to look for excuses almost immediately to avoid going. You will end good relationships for the smallest of reasons, and when faced with commitment you withdraw emotionally and start finding faults.
  2. Move way too quickly too fast: you have short, intense and passionate relationships that burn out as quickly as they started. You commit too quickly which usually leads to crash and burn.
  3. You chase romantic partners who are unattainable
  4. You think that you can change the other person even though they don’t completely meet the criteria of what you want in a relationship.

Here is our advice for overcoming your commitment issues

  1. Determine what it is that you are really afraid of and is holding you back from commiting:
    1. Are you scared of getting hurt again? Let go of any past hurt, understand that your fear is irrational and can only control you for as long as you let it
    2. Is it fear of rejection?
    3. Perhaps fear of losing your freedom?
    4. Once you find it, don’t be afraid to take a risk
  2. Date only when you’re happy with yourself and feel 100% ready, or you’ll only attract the wrong relationships
    1. Focus on selfcare
    2. Draw from your positive energy and stop being reliant on others
  3. Vet the person with the right intentions
    1. Don’t just give your number out or accept dates unless you are genuinely interested
    2. Take your time dating someone and make sure you have shared values and aligned ambitions
  4. Don’t overthink things, but pay attention to your instincts
  5. Be open with your partner about how you feel

Make sure that you have gone through the process above before you rush into a relationship. If you are going through something difficult in your life, you might be more likely to rush into something that isn’t healthy for you. Beware of triggers from good and bad events. For example: the death of a loved one, seeing your family and friends go through new beginnings that are on a different timeline from where you stand in your life such as marriage and birth/adoption of kids. You especially want to watch out and steer clear from rushing into a relationship after a bad breakup or heartbreak.



Ep 26 – The Barber Shop

💈The Barber Shop is here💈
Barber shop: n. hang out area to get your haircut and talk to other men about your problems, listen to good music, and if you go to a good barber shop laugh up a storm.
Listen to our guests Neeko and Chedd shoot their barber shop talk with Westley and Brock. They talk who pays💸, masturbation✌🏽, dating apps old and new🤳🏾, and more! This is an episode you don’t want to miss.

Ep 25 – Chicas Chat

Chicas Chat is here‼
Chica: n. Spanish word used for badass women you are proud to have in your circle
No Free Drinks is psyched to drop this episode! Listen to our guests Ari @theitis_yall, Jess, and Maddie share their points of view on the real shit that just happens. Lina D and our guests discuss their differing points of view on celibacy, who pays, sex toys, masturbation, basic texting, and more! This is an episode you don’t want to miss.


Ep 24 – The First Date Conundrum

Westley opens the episode and goes in on his point of view on who he thinks should be paying for the first date.  Westley’s viewpoint is egalitarian, “in one voice you cannot say you are independent, and in the same breath say that you know your worth and need for a man to pay for you.” Westley does not mind paying, but he won’t buy the argument that he is expected to pay because men typically make more than a woman. That point of view only furthers the reason as to why he says that people should treat each other as equals.

For once Brock and Westley actually disagree on a point of view. Brock thinks that guy always pays on the first date, partly driven because it is expected based on the “who asks pays rule.” Seldom do women ask men on dates, so by default the guy has to pay. Once he is dating someone steady, he doesn’t mind paying for most things but if it is expected that I pay for everything every time then it is a huge turn-off. Brock is more traditional once he is in a relationship where the guy spoils his girlfriend.

Lina D talks about how she has played all sides of the paying spectrum, and her point of view has changed throughout her dating life. Lina D has taken advantage of guys that have the notion that they are expected to pay even though she had no intentions of taking it further. Lina D has accepted the guy paying, but has been playful about it and was upfront about her financial situation. Other times, she has had the conversation to get a sense of whether they are equals and has gladly offered to go dutch without communicating that she wasn’t interested. And another time she was so into the person and the date that she doesn’t even remember who paid for what on the first date, nor did she care. In recent years she’s grown to be more equitable and has left her “he needs to pay expectations” in the dust.

After going through their points of view and debating, the co-hosts go through specific scenarios that are widely discussed on who pays for the first date. This was inspired by the Refinery 29 article, What Millennial Women REALLY Think About Splitting The Check.


  1. Scenario 1: One party does all the asking, planning, and paying. Whoever initiated the date should pay
  2. Scenario 2: Splitting the bill is an old-fashioned, chivalrous gesture. Men should always offer to pay the bill. Splitting the bill is a total romance kill. Offering to split the bill is polite, but ultimately he should refuse and pay
  3. Scenario 3: The man always pays
  4. Scenario 4: We both have our own money so we go dutch aka 50/50


As they go through these scenarios they also cover the most common unspoken implications that result from the payment actions. When it comes to relationships, there are many ways people approach it, and honestly it comes down to what works for your relationship.

Westley, Lina D, and Brock wanted to make sure that they incorporated other people’s points of view as a wrap for the episode.  They selected a few points of view from this article and have provided a summary below for easy reference.  For the full article, go here.


Dating Coach: Modern men should do things old school.

“a man should always pay for dinner and drinks on the first date. This is an attractive gesture, and it will leave the girl’s sense of ‘doing the right thing’ intact.”

Kezia Noble, dating coach and expert,

Sex Blogger: Go 50/50 every time.

“If someone wants a second date they have to pay their share on the first – and let me pay my share too. When guys try to pay it’s often deeply awkward: I offer to pay half, he insists, I get frustrated because I earn my own damn money and I can spend it how I like – then he continues to insist and I feel patronised. Leave expensive treats for when you know each other better.”

The Girl on the Net, London-based blogger and writer on all things sex

Glamour Girl: A man’s gotta spend to impress a girl.

“The man should pay, of course. If I had to pay or go halves, that would put me off a man. I would be like, “What?!””

Danielle Mason, actress, model and TV personality

Porn Star: Insist on going all the way, fellas.

“I think that the girl should always offer to split the bill and the man should insist on paying all of it.”

Harriett Sugarcookie, adult performer, model, lifestyle blogger

The Academic: Don’t try to buy a woman.

“The question of payment on a first [heterosexual] date has its roots in notions of chivalry, which itself is rooted in male economic and social power. Chivalry involves rituals of men treating women with an elaborate regard and politeness, which serves to mask the fact that men dominate the public sphere and have social and economic power over women as a class. I would remind men that women are human beings to be respected, not commodities to be purchased.”

Dr Julia Long, Lecturer in Sociology at Anglia Ruskin University, expert in feminist theory and practice

Ep 23 – Beyond the ‘Kk’

Westley, Lina D, and Brock want to give you useful advice for those moments when dating brings you awkward conversation. This episode is for those people that think they suck at texting, find themselves overthinking text conversations, and have no idea about proper sexting and drunk texting etiquette.

We start out by going through some basic texting principles and critiquing texting interactions that went wrong.  We only focus on three examples but you can find other trainwreck conversations here.  


Example 1:

You: Kk have a good night
Him: Haha ‘good’

Evaluation: Dude what are you doing? She was trying to end the conversation on a good note and you went on and made it awkward. This reminded us of when you should start sending “good morning vs. good afternoon vs. goodnight” texts. Timing is important but be prepared to add some value to the conversation i.e. sending a cool article or funny meme, and don’t just text a salutation because some people won’t find it flattering.  

Example 2:

You: How’s your Saturday going? Still hungover?
Him: Nope! Just walking my dog around the park! He loves playing with the other puppies! So excited for brunch later!!!!! **emojis**

Evaluation: In this example, the woman is thinking of writing him off because he is coming off as “overly friendly” and may potentially be gay and extra. Oh please, at this point you are splitting hairs and making something out of nothing. He is simply answering your question. You better go on a date to make sure this is someone you should be really writing off.

Example 3:

He always sends last minute texts to make plan and/or has already cancelled on you a few times.  You aren’t sure if this is someone that is genuinely busy or a potentially huge asshole.

Evaluation: This could actually go both ways and you will need to play the role of detective and pay attention to cues to make the right decision. There are guys out there that are genuinely busy given their jobs and commitments and may not know till the last minute that they are available. If you are interested and are actually available then you should go on the date to rule out whether this is someone you see yourself dating consistently. But Brock does warn that there are some general red flags to look out for, as some guys may just be trying to get in your pants and get some cheeks. Listen to get the full guide on how to deal with this situation.


The NFD co-hosts go through some other do’s and don’ts for texting.

  1. Don’t: Start your message with “hey beautiful,” “hey sexy,” or even worse, “hey girl.”
  2. Don’t: Use a stupid pickup line
  3. Don’t: Read too much into it
  4. Don’t: Not say anything
  5. Do: Compliment something specific about my appearance
  6. Do: Try to come up with something witty based off my profile, or point out shit we have in common
  7. Do: Ask me what I’m up to tonight/this weekend

They also touch on response timing rules, tips for keeping the conversation going, and touch on length of the texts.

Lina D does advocate for certain situations where drunk texting can be useful but she gives you a rundown of the do’s and don’ts in this situation. Brock talks about how it should depend on the state of your relationship, whether you are transitioning from flirting/dating to exclusive, considering emotional outpouring, and if you regrets things the next morning.

Sexting- oh man. For this one Brock says to make sure you keep your face out of the nudes you are sending. Lina D does not understand why some dudes are so hesitant about sending dick pics during sexting convos, especially if the woman is asking for one. Brock reveals that he never sends a dick pic, which sends Lina D on a mission to tell women to stop sending nudes if the guy is refusing to send you nudes. Brock disagrees.

Ep 22 – The Porn Identity

The episode kicks off with Westley’s story of how he discovered porn. Lina D shares some of the similarities between her experience and Westley’s before Brock dives into the stats of how much people watch porn.

According to the Esquire article, in 2016, people watched a grand total of 92 billion videos on Pornhub, clocking in 23 billion total visits to the site and 5 billion hours of porn, enough to last over 5,000 centuries. The U.S. was the biggest consumer of porn in the world, with 221 pageviews per person, beating 2015’s 191 views per American. More men watch porn than women, with the stats showing that 90% of men and 40% of women watch porn regularly.

There are many articles that speculate that porn has detrimental effects, but other studies mention that the effects of porn are still undecided. Learn more reading this article. Scientists have started to tease out the effects of porn on the brain but there’s still a lot they don’t understand. For example, they are unsure if there are long-term effects of porn on young viewers. Joseph J. Plaud, a private, clinical forensic psychologist in Boston, Massachusetts, is one of the scientist who has studied the effects of pornography. Some of the interesting points he has found is, “the more you do and the greater degree of access, the more explicit [it is], you seem to need more and more.”

Other studies have found that men who viewed porn tended to hold more egalitarian views about women than did non-porn-using men. Frequent porn users view powerful women, working women and women who have had abortions more favorably than do other men, a study published in August in the Journal of Sex Research found. This is an interesting finding, even though Lina D and Brock found that the methods used to get this conclusion might be questionable.

Lina D then talks about the more popular types of porn watched. Porn hub does a year in review that dives into the global trends of what people have watched.  There is an abridged version here, which is what discussed in the episode. But if you want to see more of the trends, you can access the full report here.


For couples who might be interested in watching porn together, Westley and Lina D talk about their experiences watching porn together. They recommend being open in communication about the types of porn you each would be open to watching, and approach it openly. Think of it as a fun experience you can both share. These are some other tips that Westley and Lina D share:

  • Focus on making it sexy for each other, think about how it will bring you closer together or turn you on. Talk to each other about what is turning you on as you watch porn together can also help you stay connected and in tune with each other.
  • Don’t Compare Yourselves to Porn Stars- also as a woman don’t get jealous of the porn star
  • Porn is great to spice things up but keep in mind that it won’t help resolve all your relationship issues on its own.
  • When watching porn with your partner, remember that they can still watch porn on their own. Do not violate your partner’s privacy by checking their porn watching history without them knowing.
  • Don’t watch porn every time you have sex.

Westley, Brock, and Lina D wrap up the episode by calling out some lesser known facts about porn. You can find the full lists here: 25 Shocking Facts and 25 Facts About the Adult Film

  • 20% of American men admit they access pornography at work which coincides with Sex Tracker’s findings of 70% of all internet porn traffic occurring during the work day (9am – 5pm)
  • 10% of adults admit to legitimately have an online porn addiction
  • Porn controls digital media. A great example was VHS. Before everyone was on board with VHS, Betamax was fighting tooth and nail for control. Porn chose to use VHS tapes as its’ main source of distribution and the rest is history. Same can be said for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. Porn chose the former and now you can buy HD-DVD’s for a dollar.

Ep 21 – Ménage à Moi (Part 2)

Our first episode (Ménage à Moi (Part 1)) about masturbation focused on the state of masturbation in the U.S. and we interviewed a sex therapist about the cultural viewpoints on masturbation.  In this episode we talk about the history of masturbation and give our personal stories with masturbation.


There is a lot of interesting history on masturbation.  One of the most interesting stories we found has to do with Atum and ancient Egypt. You can learn more about the story here.  

“There was Atum, the creator God and main deity of the Egyptian pantheon, who existed by himself. He was surrounded by nothingness, so he decided to put an end to his long solitude and created the world and the rest of the Egyptian gods through masturbation. From his ejaculation emerged the first pair of twin gods, Shu (air god) and Tefnut (moisture goddess). Atum’s semen was the origin of the world, and masturbation the act of creation.” This is the myth of creation according to Egyptian cosmogony.
“Ancient Egyptians were strongly convinced that their main source of livelihood had come from Atum’s ejaculation, and it was their duty to keep it alive. Pharaohs would perform a ceremony to thank their main god, which involved masturbating at the riverbank and making sure that the semen followed the flow of the river’s waters. This was seen as a good omen and a sign of the continuing life cycle, fertility, and the universal order, which would also follow their own course.”


This wouldn’t be the last time we would see masturbation come up in history. Unfortunately, the next run in with masturbation would not be as sex-positive.  Lina D talks about her findings of how masturbation was perceived by society in the Victorian age.  You can read more here.  

Based on Judeo-Christian tradition, masturbation was seen as sinful, mostly due to the mandate to “be fruitful and multiply.” Since masturbation does not lead to procreation, it was frowned upon. In fact, Catholic theologian St. Thomas Aquinas believed that masturbation was a worse sin than rape, incest, and adultery, because in these other sins procreation is a possibility.

“During the Victorian age, masturbation was thought to lead to impaired morals, depression, social failure, epilepsy, tuberculosis, blindness, insanity, sterility, and early death.”

“Since masturbation was thought to be so dangerous, many “cures” were developed to eliminate its practice. Men of the time were encouraged to wear straightjacket pajamas or erection alerts to discourage handling of the penis. Some would wear a little suit of armor that would fit over the penis and testicles. Others wore a spermatorrhea ring. Available from the Sears catalogue, these rings fit along the base of the penis with spikes on its inner lining to prevent erection. As a last resort, some chronic masturbators had their foreskin stapled shut, or were castrated. In the nineteenth century, John Kellogg invented cornflakes as one part of a diet that he felt would lessen the sex drive and diminish the practice of masturbation.”


Westley then talks about how things have not necessarily gotten better. He tells us the Pee Wee Herman story. In 1991 he was arrested for allegedly masturbating in an X-rated movie theater. He became the object of numerous jokes, his show was pulled off the air, and his handprints and star were taken off the sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard. In another modern day masturbation nightmare, Former U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders stated that since masturbation was safe and healthy, it should be mentioned in school health curricula. People misinterpreted her statements to say that she thought students should be taught how to masturbate. Due to public outcry, President Clinton fired her in 1994.


Westley, Brock, and Lina D transition to share their personal experiences with masturbation.  They talk about how they came to start masturbating.  Experiences are diverse from individual and social interactions with learning more about masturbation. However, all three co-hosts talk about their experience of not being able to turn to anyone in their household to learn more or to get their questions answered. Traditionally, in Caribbean and Latino households, masturbation is not something that is openly discussed.


In talking about her experience exploring masturbation, Lina D finds and discusses an interesting report from the University of Michigan’s Development and Behavior Resources program. It states that kids start discovering their genitals and self-pleasure at a very young age, on the average of 6 years young.


The co-hosts point out some other interesting things about masturbating for men and women.  You can read more in these articles: other reasons why women should masturbate and other reasons why men should masturbate.


This is the summary of the reasons the co-hosts discussed:

  1. Masturbation makes you happier
  2. Masturbation improves your sex life
  3. Masturbation prevents postmenopausal sex difficulties
  4. Some studies even suggest that the frequency of masturbation increases with a person’s frequency of intercourse, especially in women.
  5. For men, masturbation may improve a man’s fertility, as ejaculation flushes out the old, less motile sperm left behind in the urethra.
  6. Masturbation may even lower a man’s chance of getting prostate cancer.


Lina D, Brock, and Westley wrap up the episode by sharing their favorite to do’s when masturbating.

Ep 20 – Ménage à Moi featuring Dr. Chris Donaghue of Loveline (Part 1)

Lina D kicks off the episode by telling our listeners about the great time the team had at the NY Sex Expo September 23- 24. They all shared their highlights of the weekend and Lina D talks about the most exciting outcome- that we were able to make new friends and interview Dr. Chris Donaghue.  He is a nationally recognized sex therapist who is has teamed up with TENGA to change the conversation about masturbation. Learn more about Sex Expo here.  

Lina D talks a bit more about why No Free Drinks is excited to interview Dr. Chris and to have met the TENGA team.  She shares her point of view on why she thinks masturbation is important and Westley and Brock also give their points of view.

More about TENGA: they are a Japanese-based company focused on the betterment of sexual health and wellness, broadening the cultural acceptance of masturbation and making sexuality something everyone can enjoy. TENGA products are designed to make masturbation a more enjoyable and beneficial experience and don’t necessarily mimic the human anatomy. They believe this differentiates them and allows them to bring conversations about masturbation to the mainstream. TENGA aims to elevate the discussion around masturbation from secretive to celebratory, and enables users to bring the best tools to the party.

Brock walks us through TENGA’s United State(s) of Masturbation Survey Learn more about the survey here:

Our relationship with TENGA allowed us to give you a special look into the survey results and really understand the breakout of results from an ethnicity perspective.  Here are a few of the highlights we mention in the episode:

  1. 76% of Latinos agree that masturbation is good for health (vs 65% Whites, 59% Blacks)
  2. Among those who have masturbated, Blacks (22%) are more likely to masturbate in the morning (vs. 16% Latinos, 15% Whites).
  3. Among those in a committed relationship, Latinos are the most open to talking about masturbation with their significant others (68% of Latinos vs. 56% Whites, 54% Blacks).
  4. 73% of Latinos have received sex education in school (vs. 62% Whites, 60% Blacks).
  5. Latinos in the US are a far younger audience (61% of Latinos in our sample were millennials vs. only 24% of whites and 39% of blacks who were millennials), so these points are likely to be influenced by generational differences.


Westley introduces Dr. Chris Donaghue. He is a Doctor of Clinical Sexology and Human Sexuality, Certified Sex Therapist, Licensed Clinical Therapist and Doctoral trained in Clinical Psychology, and continues to run his private practice out of Los Angeles. He is one out of only four hundred individuals who completed the extra training to receive his CST Credentials.

Dr. Chris specializes in individual and couples sex and marital therapy, as well as sexual compulsivity, sexual anorexia, sexual dysfunctions and non-traditional sexuality, identities and relationships. His expertise has been shared with hundreds during his lectures at University of Southern California (USC), University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Antioch University and University of California Riverside (UCR).

He continues to lecture at leading conferences, including Catalyst Con, ASSECT Conference and for the Hazeldan Betty Ford Foundation. Dr. Chris is nationally recognized as a sex and relationship expert, and shares his expertise as the cohost of CBS’ LoveLine Podcast. Additionally, he is the featured expert on VH1’s new “The Amber Rose Show,” and regularly appears on segments including CBS’ The Doctors, WE’s Sex Box, Logo TV’s Bad Sex. He has been featured in Newsweek, National Geographic, on CNN, OWN, and Dr. Drew’s “Lifechangers,” and many more.

Dr. Chris aims to elevate the conversation around masturbation and help foster cultural acceptance. With the aid from TENGA’s 2017 United State(s) of Masturbation, a recent survey focused on masturbation behaviors and perceptions, he aims to elevate the conversation around masturbation, help foster cultural acceptance and educate on the sexual health and wellness benefits of healthy masturbation.


Questions for Dr. Chris:

  1. From the United States of Masturbation survey we learned that a majority of people believe that openly talking about masturbation would be beneficial to society, however of those people only 28% have even had a conversation about masturbating with a friend.  In your experience, what are some of the psychological and cultural factors that contribute to the embarrassment factor tied to talking about masturbation?
  2. What advice do you have for couples that are unbalanced when it comes to masturbation? For example, I’ve heard stories where women have caught their boyfriends masturbating and they immediately accuse them for cheating on them.
  3. The survey highlighted a lot of health related benefits to masturbating which is a starting point for breaking down the stigmas that our society has built around masturbation.  I wanted to take that a step further and discuss the benefits that masturbation can have on sexual performance and enjoyment. Can you expand upon those benefits for men and women? (I.e.  Men masturbating before sex) And can you touch on where these benefits are more psychological or scientific in nature?
  4. We all lead busy lives. What are some of your tips for people that are constantly on the go and say they don’t have the time to masturbate?
  5. Let’s talk about the gender gap and masturbation. I found it interesting that the survey found that 41% of women own a sex toy while only 24% of men own a sex toy.  But when I looked at the percentage of women that masturbate vs. men I saw that there is a gap- one data point showed that 93% of men masturbate vs. 77% of women. What are your thoughts on what drives the gap in the genders in sex toy ownership and in masturbation?
  6. Wrap up question: I’d like to close out with you telling us more about what you love about TENGA and why our listeners should be excited about what they offer?

Ep 19 – The Python of Love (Part 2)

In the second part of the Python of Love series, Westley kicks off by telling us about a few crazy things men have done with their penis and balls.  Links below.

Link 1

Link 2

Did you know that men have used their dicks to pull cars with passengers inside with their penises or balls? Did you know that even if a penis is chopped off it still works? Despite all these stories, penises are still fragile and can break so be careful not to injure it.


Brock and Westley discuss their doctor preferences.


Lina D asks Westley and Brock questions about the things women want to know about the penis:


  1. Do you ever sit on your balls or your dick?
  2. Are your balls different size? Do you have a favorite ball?
  3. How do you feel about your skeet skeet?
  4. What is the big deal between getting a deepthroat blow job and an average blow job?
  5. What do you do when you get a random erection?  What causes these erections to happen?
  6. What do blue balls feel like?
  7. What are things women should never do to the penis?


Westley, Brock, and Lina D give tips for giving head

  1. Not all tip, remember the rotation- shaft, shaft, shaft, tip
  2. Deep throating is always allowed


Other Tips for jerking/sucking/ hitting it off right

  1. Listen to him as he’ll give you verbal clues
  2. If you don’t see his eyes that’s good sign
  3. Stuttering of speech is also good
  4. Toes curling means he’s about to cum
  5. Pleasure comes from the different sensations on the penis- use your hands


Favorite positions for the dick

  1. Doggy style
  2. Lying down side to side
  3. Her on top for sure, ride me! Tips for riding him:
    1. Take your time
    2. Slower rhythm is actually better
    3. Fast isn’t the move for when the woman is on top- this is your chance to take control and keep the guy guessing
    4. Rhythm and timing is important, you can build up to a faster speed but take your time and don’t go straight into the fast stuff.


Freaky Shit & Pro tips

  1. Tell me where to come, not when to come
  2. @your_fuckboy tip shoutout
  3. Anal
  4. Change the angle that you are mounting him (arch your back, the squat position
  5. Ice
  6. Play with the balls