Season 2

S2E7 – What’s It Worth

Many of us have experienced toxic work environments and moments of unhappiness in certain things we have chosen to pursue- in this episode we unpack these types of situations and give our opinions

Reasons to make those sacrifices

  1. Passion
  2. Unhappiness
  3. Toxic work environments/relationships
    1. Change in administration

Why ppl hesitate to leave

  1. Taking a pay cut
  2. Walking away from finishing a degree
  3. Mid-career career change


  1. Michelle Obama– started as an attorney, Michelle left corporate law in 1991 to pursue a career in public service, enabling her to fulfill a personal passion and create networking opportunities that would benefit her husband’s future political career. Initially an assistant to Chicago mayor Richard Daley, she soon became the city’s assistant commissioner of planning and development. In 1993, she was named executive director for the Chicago branch of Public Allies, a leadership-training program for young adults. Moving on to the University of Chicago as associate dean of student services, she developed the school’s first community-service program. –
  2. Ava Duvernay– started in journalism, lost interest, got into PR ran her own firm before she made her 1st movie at age 32
  3. Myron Rolle– went from the NFL to a Rhodes Scholar and neurosurgery resident at Harvard Medical School-

More examples


Reasons that people stay

  • Not willing to take a pay cut
    • Lifestyle
    • Family responsibilities/obligations
  • Fear of the unknown
    • What if it doesn’t work
  • People’s opinions

When taking a pay cut may not be for you

  • Will taking a pay cut lower your motivation and passion for work
    • Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation
      • Intrinsic: motivation comes from within i.e. personal rewards, accomplishments
      • Extrinsic: tangible rewards, money, recognition, etc. 
  • The finances don’t work
    • Planning before doing

Things to consider

  1. Is making a career change a rash-emotional decision?
  2. Do you have the support system in place to manage this change?
  3. Planning is crucial- the first time you start to have doubts, make sure you start detailing out plans of how the change can impact you and plan for the worst case scenario you can imagine

S2E2 – Cancel Culture

CANCELED! Who deserves to get canceled? Is there any coming back once you’ve been canceled? Why hasn’t “X” person been cancelled yet? Join Westley, Maddie, and Lina D this week and join the cancel culture convo.

So what is cancel culture?

If you didn’t know- cancel culture refers to the phenomenon of “canceling” a person, an event, or a body of work i.e. songs, albums, movies, TV shows as a result of the person’s questionable or unpopular comments or actions.

These are some of the important questions Westley, Maddie, and Lina D talk about in the episode:

  • How do we decide who gets canceled?
  • Is there room for forgiveness?
  • When someone is canceled, do we erase all that an artist has done including the good? i.e. the positive image of African Americans that The Cosby Show presented?
  • And we debate some of the points made in this article: We Wouldn’t Need Cancel Culture if we Had Justice Culture
    • If there was some assurance that real justice was possible, would cancel culture even feel necessary?
    • Could we better separate the art and the artist if we could use a set of prison bars to do it?

And finally here is the article with all the details on Culture Vulture Yesjulz: Daniel Caesar Fans Are Calling Him Canceled

S2E1 – Since We’ve Been Gone

The Bold & Bawdy crew is back! Curious about what Lina D, Maddie, and Westley have been up to since season one ended? Join us for the first episode to hear about dating drama, homeowner problems, travel stories, and more.