In the second part of the Python of Love series, Westley kicks off by telling us about a few crazy things men have done with their penis and balls.  Links below.

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Did you know that men have used their dicks to pull cars with passengers inside with their penises or balls? Did you know that even if a penis is chopped off it still works? Despite all these stories, penises are still fragile and can break so be careful not to injure it.


Brock and Westley discuss their doctor preferences.


Lina D asks Westley and Brock questions about the things women want to know about the penis:


  1. Do you ever sit on your balls or your dick?
  2. Are your balls different size? Do you have a favorite ball?
  3. How do you feel about your skeet skeet?
  4. What is the big deal between getting a deepthroat blow job and an average blow job?
  5. What do you do when you get a random erection?  What causes these erections to happen?
  6. What do blue balls feel like?
  7. What are things women should never do to the penis?


Westley, Brock, and Lina D give tips for giving head

  1. Not all tip, remember the rotation- shaft, shaft, shaft, tip
  2. Deep throating is always allowed


Other Tips for jerking/sucking/ hitting it off right

  1. Listen to him as he’ll give you verbal clues
  2. If you don’t see his eyes that’s good sign
  3. Stuttering of speech is also good
  4. Toes curling means he’s about to cum
  5. Pleasure comes from the different sensations on the penis- use your hands


Favorite positions for the dick

  1. Doggy style
  2. Lying down side to side
  3. Her on top for sure, ride me! Tips for riding him:
    1. Take your time
    2. Slower rhythm is actually better
    3. Fast isn’t the move for when the woman is on top- this is your chance to take control and keep the guy guessing
    4. Rhythm and timing is important, you can build up to a faster speed but take your time and don’t go straight into the fast stuff.


Freaky Shit & Pro tips

  1. Tell me where to come, not when to come
  2. @your_fuckboy tip shoutout
  3. Anal
  4. Change the angle that you are mounting him (arch your back, the squat position
  5. Ice
  6. Play with the balls