In this episode we will give a recap of the movement behind me too and how people who have suffered in silence for years are finally comfortable to speak out against the injustices committed against them. We were inspired by Time Person of the Year 2017: The Silence Breakers. You can read the full article here:


Lina D and Westley open the episode and talk about why they wanted to create a series around Me Too. Maddie and Niko talk about why they are excited to be guests on this episode and why they think this topic is important.


These are the other topics covered in this episode:

  • Co-hosts share their experiences with assault or harassment and highlight what they did to deal with it
  • Touch on points of view heard from others that we disagree with
  • What can we do to create safer spaces
  • Our views on how we can continue to push change


This is our last episode of 2017. We wish you happy holidays and a very happy new year. Can’t wait to come back in 2018!