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Ep 8 – The Case Of The Ex

Sex with the ex? Nope, stop, don’t do that to yourself! NFD co-hosts talk about making the mistake- multiple times- of having sex with the ex and give their advice on what to do to stay away and focus on yourself after the break-up.

Ep 7 – Nightmare On NFD St.

Missed cues, aspiring home wreckers, and dinner divers. These nightmare date stories will have you wishing you were on a date with a ghoul or a goblin.

Ep 6 – Crazy, Stupid, Apps

In the first fan mail inspired episode, NFD reviews dating apps and recommends which ones are better for finding love vs. hooking up.

Ep 5 – Just A Friend…

The trio shares their experiences with f¥€k buddies and their advice on how to manage these relationships. Is it possible to stay friends once the sex stops? Come find out.

Ep 4 – Wait I Can’t Eat That, It’s a Catfish

Find out some of the mistakes people make when creating their dating profiles that lead to deceiving their prospective dates- avoid becoming the next catfish!

Ep 3 – Casper The Friendly Ghoster

Has ghosting become a common practice in modern dating? When is ghosting no longer an option? Listen to your co-hosts debate their points of view.

Ep 2 – So When Do I Shack Up With You, Love…

Do you find yourself second guessing what time is the right time to have sex for the first time with that new special someone? Then this episode is for you!

Ep 1 – No Free Drinks Presents No Free Drinks

This is not your ordinary dating advice podcast. Listen in to meet your co-hosts Westley, Lina D, and Brock as they introduce themselves and tell you the story of what inspired No Free Drinks.