S2E4 -How is That Gay?!

So I’m just going to say it- let’s stop calling things gay! In this week’s episode we look at the list of commonly...

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S2E3 – Lets Talk About It

Who else has picked up on the lack of conversation and resources when it comes to sexual dysfunction that impact women? We have...

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S2E2 – Cancel Culture

CANCELED! Who deserves to get canceled? Is there any coming back once you’ve been canceled? Why hasn’t “X” person been cancelled yet? Join...

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S2E1 – Since We’ve Been Gone

The Bold & Bawdy crew is back! Curious about what Lina D, Maddie, and Westley have been up to since season one ended?...

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Episode 10 – Season Finale

We can’t believe the end of season 1 of Bold & Bawdy is here! Check us out as we reminisce our favorite moments...

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Episode 9 – Me Too: In Politics

Bold and Bawdy Ep 9 Have you been following the story with Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and the sexual assault allegations? We recap the...

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