Ep 6 – Stay Out Of My Uterus

Bold & Bawdy Episode 6 Stay Out of My Uterus   Episode Description: In this episode we talk about reproductive rights and how...

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Episode 5 – Family Separation at The Border: A Recap

Episode Description: The past few months have been a constant barrage of tweets, breaking news headlines, and articles about the “immigration crisis.” This...

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Episode 4 – Boycott For What

Boycott For What   Episode Description: In today’s social media dominated world we see outraged calls for boycotts when brands, companies, or celebrities...

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Episode 3: The Move In: A Look at Cohabitation Trends

Episode Description: Are you thinking about taking the next step and moving in together? Listen to this episode to get all sides of...

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Ep 2 – Pura Vida: Rethinking Work-Life Balance

Pura Vida: Rethinking Work-Life Balance Episode Description: In this episode we dissect the concept of work-life balance and provide our tips for achieving...

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Ep 1 – Woke In Review

Episode 1: Woke in Review In the first episode of Bold & Bawdy we talk about the importance of staying woke, especially in...

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