Who else has picked up on the lack of conversation and resources when it comes to sexual dysfunction that impact women? We have all heard about ED, pre-ejaculation, viagra, and can probably hold our own conversing on the topic. But when it comes to the issues that can impact women, even finding adequate information on Google becomes a challenge. Let’s do better together: let’s discuss sexual dysfunction openly; let’s listen without judgement, let’s demand more from our doctor’s, and let’s share resources amongst ourselves.

In this week’s episode we are raising awareness of sexual disorders that impact women. We will talk through some of the sexual disorders and share some of the stories that paint the picture of how little information is out there regarding sexual disorders that women can access.

According to WebMD, sexual dysfunction is common (43% of women and 31% of men report some degree of difficulty.) With so many more women reporting that they have some sort of sexual dysfunction compared to men, it is concerning that there is so little coverage and resources available. Female sexual dysfunction can occur at any stage of life so this is an issue that can impact any woman. Based on our google searches, and our own experience, the awareness levels of sexual dysfunction impacting women is abysmal. The fact that you can find the following statement online- “sexual dysfunction can occur only in certain sexual situations or in all sexual situations”- is a joke.

Here are all the crucial details you will want to know that we cover in our episode, “Let’s Talk About It.”

What causes sexual dysfunction? (From WebMD)

  • Physical causes. Many physical and/or medical conditions can cause problems with sexual function. These conditions include diabetes, heart disease, neurological diseases, hormonal imbalances, menopause plus such chronic diseases as kidney disease or liver failure, and alcoholism or drug abuse. In addition, the side effects of certain medications, including some antidepressant drugs, can affect sexual desire and function.
  • Psychological causes. These include work-related stress and anxiety, concern about sexual performance, marital or relationship problems, depression, feelings of guilt, or the effects of a past sexual trauma.

What sexual disorders can impact women?

  1. Vaginal dryness
  2. Low sexual desire.
  3. Inability to become aroused
  4. Anorgasmia: lack of orgasm
  5. Painful intercourse
  6. Vaginismus is a painful, involuntary spasm of the muscles that surround the vaginal entrance. It may occur in women who fear that penetration will be painful and also may stem from a sexual phobia or from a previous traumatic or painful experience.
  7. Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder– a common form of sexual dysfunction when women have no or low desire to have sex, and it causes distress
  8. MRKH Syndrome is a rare disorder where the vagina, cervix and uterus aren’t fully developed

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